Friday, March 20, 2009


Today has been another good one. Justin and I had a long conversation as we started our 13 colonies unit in full force. He finished a couple of worksheets, and a timeline. We read over a unit plan I found online that we are using loosely to explore what it was really like in the 1600-1800's. (Big time span, I know. We're picking out what is most interesting to Justin, first).

He has done 2 days of typing and has gone from 11 wpm (on the first lesson, only) to 26 wpm. Big change, already! He has blogged every day, and I am now going to start being a bit more of a stickler when it comes to grammar and punctuation. I HATE poor grammar. Though I might personally make many punctuation problems, I at least understand the rules of the English language. To me, nothing screams of a poor education louder than easily fixed grammar, punctuation or spelling mistakes.

We are off to watch a recorded Planet Earth episode for some down time.

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