Monday, March 16, 2009

A silent and sneaky beginning...

Spoke with the VP at Justin's school today. She was very kind and understanding. Seemed to be accommodating when I asked if he could still attend his recorder concert and get his workbooks to finish up for this year. I still need to send the formal letter in, but Justin was home today ANYway, as he has a horrible hacking cough that would have been disruptive and not conducive to his own learning.

Speaking of which, we had a decent day at home. DESPITE his incredibly irritating cough (I would not make a good nurse, right?) we still worked through some of his fractions questions and did some division review (which he needed work on, thanks to all of the studying they had done for the freaking ISAT tests...). He also read a basic book on Lewis and Clark, and then did a simple review over that book. We will expand upon more of their journeys and maybe make our own version of the map that they formed. Not sure, yet. We played Scrabble and gave extra points for using a word from the spelling list I found online (all words he would have no problem spelling, but I want to incorporate the basics each week, especially since I don't have his workbooks from school yet.)

We're hoping to attend a homeschool gathering tomorrow, providing that he isn't coughing up a lung. It is GORGEOUS out and all 3 of my kids are inside, looking pitiful. Even Evan seems to be coming down with the dreaded cold!!! This is Not. Fair. It is supposed to be 70 out on Tuesday. All of them should be allowed to be outside, running around. But I have a feeling that this will not be the case...

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