Friday, March 13, 2009

Ahhhh.... wellllll.... okay, then....

Justin woke up still feeling groggy and unmotivated. I looked at him and said to myself "This is stupid. If he doesn't want to go to school today, don't make him." I told him we could either do homeschool today or he could tough it out at school. He chose to stay home.


It's been GOOD.

I know, I know. Honeymoon period, and all. But today, even with a headache and feeling drowsy, we worked on fractions (where he figured out what I was talking about when I said to make it a more condensed number!), played a geography game with an inflatable globe, he wrote in his journal, and we hit the library where we checked out a ton of books. He is now enjoying his free reading time while Corinne plays quietly behind me. I am off to cook lunch and hope to continue our discussion on how we wish to begin the solar system unit.

I even managed to do the dishes and laundry, so the house isn't falling apart... YET. Being busy was never an excuse before, and it STILL fell apart repeatedly!

We are extremely busy this weekend, but I am planning on drafting a letter to the school requesting that he attend his recorder concert ANYWAY, if I pull him out NOW.

Crossing my fingers....

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  1. Yay Tracey and Justin! Sounds like you are off to a rousing start! Have you found out if there are any homeschool support groups in your area? they should be able to offer guidance as well as maybe activities and such.
    Good luck!