Sunday, June 27, 2010

Poor little blog...

Poor little neglected homeschooling blog. I'm sorry. You just wanted a LITTLE bit of attention, didn't you? Well, I've been BUSY, damnit. Busy reorganizing the shelves and desks. Busy trying to find the Math U See programs for Evan and Corinne for less than an arm and a leg. Busy, busy, busy! And I don't need you giving me flack!

Sorry. That was uncalled for.

Here's what the schoolroom/office looks like after 2 days of cleaning:

And the black shelves are beautiful too. Everyone has their own shelves and curriculum all lined up and now no one is allowed to touch ANYTHING because I just want it to be organized and pretty for a few weeks, for crying out loud.


I managed to buy the Life of Fred for Justin and the manipulatives for Math U See for Evan and Corinne but am having a hard time finding their booklets for a cheap price. So I am spending a ridiculous amount of time searching for books on the internet and by the time I actually find the stuff I want, I'll be sick of it. Maybe I should look for curriculum I DON'T want? That could have a better result...