Sunday, March 29, 2009

Homeschooling on the road...

Sometimes, you just have to grab those ideas when they come to you....

I know. The genius of my wording is scary. The flow of words. The smoothness with which I deliver an idea.... Awe-inspiring. And it TOTALLY makes me seem capable of teaching my children Everything They Need To Know.


This was AFTER the conversation I had with Evan regarding Crack. Yes, Crack. With my 6 year old....

"Mommy, Crack is a street drug."

"Um, yes. It is."

"People might ask you to use it, but it's bad."

"Yeahhhh... but I don't think you'll be meeting anybody who will have Crack."

"But Mommy. Crack is a ROCK. But wine is alcohol. Why do you drink alcohol? You drink wine, Mommy. You do."

"Yes, but I am a grown-up and I don't drink so much alcohol that I get sick. I also don't use drugs like Crack or things like that."

"But MOMMY. CRACK is a Street Drug." (said with emphasis because I was obviously not understanding the point of his conversation. Tell me though: Are YOU understanding his point?)

"And Mo-mmy. People on the street GIVE you crack. And it's a rock you find on the street!"

The worry in his voice is obvious at this point. The poor kid adores rocks and dirt. I'm sure that the thought of not being able to play by the street with People who might have ROCKS scared him.. Basically, the kid is confused about what drugs really are, and what a "street drug" is. Too much information, too soon, with not enough answers to his worrisome questions....

Just goes to show how something as simple as drug awareness can go terribly awry in a group setting.

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  1. Isn't Evan in Grade One? I hope I don't have to discuss Crack with the Princess next year....

    She believes that cigarettes are evil, and worries constantly about her Aunt Angie - the only person in our regular acquaintances who still regularly smokes them - but so far she hasn't tried to get us to quit drinking. Which is good, because sometimes at the end of a day....

    Anyway....poor Evan! I guess you just added another tick to the homeschool side of the chart for him?