Monday, March 23, 2009

I am not a saint.

I do not possess super-patience.

I don't have all the answers.

I am not an uber-genius-mom with crafty ideas coming out of every pore.

But can you honestly name one teacher who IS?

There isn't any one way for kids to learn. We ALL know that. Heck, even public schools TELL us that. They give us the tests to determine what "type" of learner we are. Kinesthetic, visual, audio, mixture? Then we are told what our learning type is, but nothing changes in the way the material is presented.

This isn't really a fault on the teachers. I can't imagine having 30 children asking 30 different questions. Each has their own life story, method of learning, personal issues, and health changes to deal with. Each has a speed unto their own of processing new information. It isn't Johnny's fault if he is a super speedy reader, but can't wrap his brain around the math concept from last week. It isn't within the teacher's ability to privately tutor each child on their weak points to be assured that they understand all of the material.

I am slowly knocking down the walls to the resistance for homeschooling Evan, too.

I've presented it to Patrick.

I've mentioned it to Evan.

We've discussed the ups and downs of the new scenario with the desired end results being:

- more family time.
- more time to learn about subjects that really INTEREST each child.
- no pressure for early rising. Each of my children does better with a slightly later bedtime and a slightly later waking time.
- more exercise: recess will NEVER be taken away as a punishment while homeschooling. P.E. is whatever is the most fun for us. And P.E. will never be "stacking cups while half the class climbs the rock wall" (true story.)
- more hands on education - one of my greatest desires is to take my children to every museum until we have the halls memorized. We live 40 minutes outside one of the greatest cities in the U.S.A. and have only touched upon a few of the museums due to the school's schedule.
- more exposure to people of different mind-sets - While our suburban neighborhood is fairly diverse for our area, I will be able to expose them to new cultures through day trips and diverse homeschooling groups.
- I will get to KNOW my kids. I worry for my relationship with Evan, if we DON'T homeschool. I have always said that he and I don't connect quite as much as me and Justin. Not to say that we can't communicate, but he doesn't seek me out the same way as my other 2 do. He is more content to amuse himself or to play with friends, which leads to me wondering "Who IS this kid? What goes on in his crazy little mind?" Because honestly? Evan is FUN.NY. And caring. And he doesn't get enough credit for these qualities....

That said, I have to head off. For while I WANT to teach him at home, he isn't homeschooled yet. So he has tons of HOMEWORK to finish before we can have a movie night in bed....

Yucky homework.


  1. I get so flustered when people tell me how "patient" I must be---really, that isn't my strong suit.

    It took my oldest 2 years of homeschooling before she realized what a good life she has. Now, she no longer wants to go to school. . .good luck to you!

  2. I have to tell you that I am always so relieved when homeschool parents admit they are not perfect. It is very reassuring for us newbies!!
    I'm getting ready to start homeschooling late this summer & people are already saying things like 'you must be so _____'. Ack!