Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A taste of a possible future...

Busy day today! Got a taste of what it would be like if Evan were home, too.
Catching up on some math homework at the little kid table...
Working on word recognization. Evan helped make the sentences and Corinne was able to remember a few of the same words. We changed the verbs to see the different ways the sentence could look.
Making a catapult for an Engineering badge for Cub Scouts.
It worked!

Watering our seedlings for Tiger Scouts. The daisies and marigolds are blooming first...

My homework. It still awaits me upstairs...
Red and yellow do make orange, did you know? Also, when you mix green with orange, it looks like a poopy baby diaper, apparently... Nice.
Also, this is what your 6 year old looks like with peeling scabs on his face. He fell while running home from the park. Thank God he didn't break any teeth!

Reading one of the Gregor the Overlander series for a book report.

Making vanilla pudding all. by. herself.

Measuring the house for another requirement for the Engineering badge. He will then draw the floor plan to "scale".

Whew. I am EXHAUSTED. Well, not really. But the dishes only kind of got done and the laundry is really piled up. If you add in the facts that Evan isn't himself yet, and threw a 2 hour tantrum, we read 4 chapters aloud of Junie B Jones (Evan's favorite) and also that Evan and Corinne both had baths, I would say that today is a pretty profitable day.

The kids are all playing quietly. Justin is doing Legos. Evan is spinning in circles, killing invisible Jedi enemies, and Corinne is in her room doing something quietly (let's hope it doesn't involve cutting a doll's hair...)

I am off to tackle that laundry!


  1. Put on your SuperMom badge because I got tired just reading your post!
    Becky aka StinkyLemsky

  2. Those are my absolute favorite kinds of days.

  3. I wish I went to school at your house ;)