Saturday, April 4, 2009

Random shots....

Apparently, just the THOUGHT that she will be homeschooled is making Corinne into a super-genius prodigy who does puzzles UPSIDE DOWN....*
Geometry. Still working on classifying parallelograms properly, but he's getting there. I know that this was taught in 2nd grade. Shouldn't he have had it down pat by now? We are doing serious review on polygons and the features that make them what they are.
Finding the volume of a cube was brought into 3-D, too.
"I don't like Art, Mommy." HAHAHAHA. I fooled him into loving art by making it a social studies project...
Just wait till you see the finished products. They are AWESOME!

*For all of you newbies, that was SARCASM in my voice. M'kay?


  1. You go girl -- now, you just need to add another blog to your list to write -- "just another mommy blogger who blogs, teaches, earns income, makes dinner, cleans the house, etc, etc, etc" I can't believe you have ANOTHER blog!! LOVE it! :)

  2. You are really impressing me. You're still enthusiastic and now you'll have three students...just wanted you to know I am following along.