Friday, April 17, 2009

Field Trip!

Instead of focusing on the not so good stuff from our venture into Chicago today, let's zero in on what DID go well, ok?

Even though we found the museum quickly, but had to drive around for half an hour before we found a parking garage (at the hospital, which makes me feel REALLY bad!) at least we got to appreciate the incredible beauty that is The University of Chicago on a sunny spring day. The architecture and design in that area is absolutely gorgeous!
The museum was only 7 or 8 blocks away and the kids ran and skipped while my heart had palpitations. Honestly, I don't know how you city parents do it!

The Oriental Institute is a small but free museum. It was worth the drive in MY opinion, but my kids were a little disappointed. Justin was expecting something else. He can't quite explain WHAT he was expecting, but it didn't live up to his imagination. Evan was soooo excited to see a mummy and then, when he finally did? He turned to me and said he wanted to go home because all of "these mummies and dead things are freaking me out!" (This is the same kid who went through the haunted house with the chain-saw guy about 20 times in a row.) Corinne, who had just eaten a huge lunch in the van, claimed she was staaaaarving and had to go hoooooome.

Wait. I said positive only, right?

Moving along.

Oooh! Big Sphinx statue from Mesopotamia!Interactive games about Assyria and Persia...
Ancient Nubian bull (minus the horns).
Justin had the camera at this point and liked this Mesopotamian chariot wheel. My question that we will google later on is this: Why isn't it ROUND?!?What happens when your 10 year old gets ahold of the camera...

Evan's favorite is, shockingly, the spear heads. "Did I blink?" (his favorite question....)

We got home in time (without getting lost!) to enjoy a quick but early dinner and soon we'll be off for more errands and functions than I care to focus upon.... Have a great weekend!

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