Friday, April 10, 2009

Gearing up...

I have the daily plan for Monday all written and organized.

Evan's little desk has everything he's used to having at "school." I want to make this transition as smooth and enjoyable for him as possible. I'm betting on the notion that by using his old workbooks and worksheets that are left from school and similar to what he was used to, that he will enjoy homeschooling, too. I'm hoping that he loves it as much as I have begun to...


We will be going to the Oriental Institute in Chicago this week. It's a great museum. Smaller, but just the right size so that you don't leave feeling like you missed something. And, best part: It's FREE.

I haven't been there since junior high (ah, memories. I got my first period there. While wearing white capris... Lovely times...) but I remember the mummies and huge statues. I KNOW the kids will love it. We have reserved several books from the library on the different regions and time periods. I just hope they call us soon, so we can actually study them BEFORE we go! Of course, being that we are making our own schedule, we can always push the field trip back to allow ourselves time to really know what we are going to go see!

I just love this homeschooling thing more and more each day... :)

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