Friday, September 3, 2010

First week in Photos...

Grade 3 and eating bacon. He's apparently on the Atkins diet. Doesn't he look thrilled to be starting school?!?
Bedheaded preschooler who just couldn't figure out the "P" in sign language for this pic and opted to do her age instead...
6th grade! How did THAT happen?
Quietly reading a new Avatar the Airbender chapter book.
Exploring our new Math U See blocks. Looking forward to actually doing some MUS work soon!
No photo collection would be complete without one of my kids mock-stabbing someone/thing. Such sweet children...
Sigh. What is up with the silly faces?!??
Evan's been doing really well this week! I am so impressed with all that he's retained.
Little Miss Unschooler. She likes to work when no one asks her and wherever the mood may strike. It's nice that she can just do page after page of reading and math work, with very little instruction, and get it CORRECT!
Some new modeling clay led to an impromptu art break. 1 hour of art for Justin is like 3 months for other kids. I was AMAZED and was definitely not going to stop him so that he could start on his math! Go Art!
Evan's Blue Man Group. Only it's a solo act.
Justin's art is.... a ball of death! Fabulous.
Corinne's clay creations included hearts, food, people, a frog and a princess with long, green and yellow hair.

One of the best things she's been doing this summer has been beadwork. She makes necklaces, bracelets, "dream catchers" (I use that term loosely. Think outside of the box, here), etc. She's gotten really good at making complex patterns, threading the beads, and tying knots.
We now need more beads, though. We're running low!
Each of her babydolls got a teeny, tiny bracelet, too.
Oooh La La!


  1. I am a homeschooling mom in Texas and I found your blog doing a search for homeschoolers in IL. I have organized a postcard swap to learn about the US this year and we would love to have a family from IL participate!


  2. Love all the pics! Have missed reading your blogs. I haven't kept up with any but my own really this summer. Lazy...LOL

  3. Looks like your first week went really well!