Thursday, November 19, 2009

This is what it really looks like...

Day 1 on making our First Thanksgiving Diorama. Justin is in the background writing an essay about 1621 while Corinne and Evan were in charge of artistic properties...

A little break for self-expression. I had no idea he knew how to put a pick in his hair...

Just a cute shot of Corinne matching her numbers, opposites, and other card games. Evan likes to play with her, which is wonderful on so many levels...
My kitchen table. Math, art, spelling words, and Raisin Bran.

The almost completed diorama! We want to put a garden, fire pit, and more people in. Wait a minute... Is that a... ninja? At the 1st Thanksgiving?Yes. Yes, it is.
What does "sour" mean, Mommy?


  1. OMG you were right... your table looks just like my middle child's. LOL. Looks like you guys have been extra busy!

  2. You're so good at crafty stuff!