Thursday, June 11, 2009

A, B, C...

Hey, guess who's reading?

You guessed it! Corinne!

Thanks to I swear to God, she was only mildly interested in her letters and putting words together before I started showing her the site. I had used Starfall before for Evan, but it just didn't work for our schedule back then. But for Corinne, right now? She is INTO it. Between Starfall, Webkinz Jr. and JumpStart, she is really grasping the letter sounds and word chunks! She actually read the first 2 stories on the introduction to reading section on Starfall!

I hadn't realized before how many areas there were in the Starfall site. I do believe that this will be a good place to visit with Corinne and have Evan "help" her so that he can strengthen his reading skills. The words just don't come as easily for him as they did for Justin. But I think that by being the "teacher" for Corinne, he can benefit from the site without feeling like he's re-learning stuff from his old first grade classroom.


  1. How old is Corrine? Does she write or just read? I am wondering when I should start teaching Summer to write. She doesn't seem too interested yet although she knows her letters.

  2. She's 3 1/2. She can write some letters, but isn't horribly interested yet. Justin was reading before preschool and Evan didn't really master reading until mid-first grade, so all kids are really different. If Summer is interested, go for it. If not, just keep on doing what you're doing. Drawing pictures, doing mazes, and coloring books are just as important as learning to write actual letters. It's all about the control of the writing tool.

  3. I will have to try this!
    Kate was 3 beginning of March and has NO interest. None. She doesn't even know her full alphabet (not for lack of trying on my part) because she gets bored before the end. I don't want to force her because learning should be fun. At least at the beginning, haha. Awesome!

  4. Starfall is an amazing site. I love that it is non-branded too. I'll have to check out the jumpstart site too, I didn't realize that they had more than Cd roms.

  5. That's fantastic. Go Corinne!

    I checked out the site: Can I ask what parts you show Corinne, and how you do it? With my vast amounts of free time (ha), I'd like to show the site to Isabella. She knows a lot of her letters, although not all of them, and that website looks like a great way to get her interested.

  6. Corinne started on the ABC section and has been playing on the other sections that focus on reading and letter sounds, etc. Basically, I had to let her know that you always click on the sparkles to get the page to work. (the letter will sparkle or the arrow will if you need to change pages).

  7. I really need to keep up with blogs better. lol

    My oldest son had a hard time with reading and words until I asked him to help his younger brother. Helping his brother out has helped him out IMMENSELY.